about this project

this project is interested in taking a moment to acknowledge, see, feel, and thank the sun. anyone with access to a video-recording device can participate. and if you don't have a way to record video, but would like to participate, drop me a line at laylamuchnik@gmail.com. we can figure out an alternative together. find the link to submit your video below.



Alice C • Anna F • Annie Z • Arman A • Cherry H • Chris S • Corey P • Dani M • De’Avin M • Enzo D • Federico M • Gauri A • Jack V • Juliet Q • Kyle A • Loukah B • Luna V-H • Mathilde K • Michael O • Naïma B • Rat P • Reba G • Richard F • Roxane D • Sandy B • Shannon W • Theo D • Thom V • Thornton W